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Megalong Road Closure

Updated: May 5, 2021

Latest Update BMCC 22 March 2021 ​ Roads Megalong Road remains closed due to a landslip caused by flood waters, 500m from the intersection with Shipley Road. A geotechnical engineer has today assessed damage and the hard road closure needs to remain in place due to the potential further collapse of the road at this location from ongoing rainfall. Council are currently in the process of arranging contractors and material to begin temporary works to enable traffic to pass through this area. Temporary works cannot be undertaken until there is a reduction in rainfall due to the potential of further collapse. It is anticipated that the temporary works will take approximately 2-4 days to complete, however we will know more once work can commence (hopefully from Thursday this week). Temporary works, if successful, will only allow access to one lane at Megalong Road. Permanent restoration of the road is expected to take weeks, given the damage. Access to the valley Council is currently liaising with the SES about whether access can be gained to the Megalong Valley – despite the current road closure. We are aware that residents stranded in the valley will shortly need supplies. We are also aware that there are residents who are desperate to return home. The SES are the lead agency, in the current emergency situation, so we need to follow their lead. We will let you know more, as information comes to hand. If access can be gained, Council will be able to provide a shuttle bus to possibly transport residents or supplies. Access to Megalong Valley Hall Council has opened Megalong Valley Community Hall for any resident, or visitor, who may need to take shelter. Please use this facility, if needed, and encourage others to do so. Please contact us Council will be contacting you directly asap – with contact details we have on file – to determine what individual assistance you may require. If you would like to speak to us, please contact our Community Recovery Officer Rebecca Evers on 0439 620 163 or at

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