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Annual General Meeting - 12n, 29th August 2020, at Megalong Valley Sports Ground

Meeting commenced at 12.10pm

Welcome - Max Horn, President of the Association, thanked those present, especially given the challenging circumstances, and those who had offered their apologies.

General Business

Welcome at 12.10 Max thanked those present, especially given the challenging circumstances, and those who had offered their apologies.

Previous Minutes Rod Hill summarised the Minutes of 25 August 2019, and confirmed that same had been circulated to all members.

Treasurer's Report  - Roger Hudson advised that at 30 June 2020 the Association had a balance of $7,990.62 in the Family First Credit Union, Blackheath, there are no outstanding accounts, and that the balance sheet had been circulated to all members.


Roger also advised that Blue Mountains Council has contributed $875 to the Association under its 2020 Community Assistance Program toward a community activity to be held in Megalong during 2020/21. The funding will appear in the 2020/21 accounts.

Election of Office Bearers and Committee: Under S14 of the Associations Incorporations Act nominations were called for Office Bearers and Committee Members. The following seven persons were elected:


President: Max Horn

Vice President: Claudia Abbott. Also chair of the Social Activities Committee.


Secretary: Rod Hill


Treasurer: Roger Hudson


Committee: Kim Bell Anderson, Pru Jobling and Geraldine Murray


Public Officer: Roger Hudson

2020 Megalong Valley Bush Gymkhana - Claudia advised that in the prevailing COVID 19 circumstance, it has been necessary to cancel the gymkhana scheduled for November 2020. It is planned for the event to return in November 2021.

A 2020 Megalong Christmas function is a possibility, adopting an appropriate format. This will be considered in November, and the community advised. It is hoped that 2021 will enable the return of normal scheduling of Megalong social and sporting activities.


The Association’s events insurance policies will be reviewed on a needs basis.

Farming in Megalong: -Cathy Harris outlined an opportunity to learn/study regenerative, resilient agricultural approaches to farming in Megalong Valley, and sought an indication of likely interest among members. The response was positive. Cathy will prepare a group email with further details.

Future of Uniting Church, Megalong - Max confirmed that several members met with church officials before Christmas to identify whether there was sufficient interest or a practical means of the heritage listed church and gardens staying within the community. With the advent of COVID 19 these discussions have lapsed.


It is proposed to research the history and role of the church in the Valley, identify options into the future, if any, and canvass the interest and wishes of residents.

Blue Mountains CC rates -  John Collins suggested the Association formally write to Council seeking justification for the current level of property rates applying to Megalong Valley. Max will progress this matter with John.

Welcome to country -  It was agreed that a Welcome to Gandangara Country and Acknowledgment of Place would open future meetings of the Association

Max thanked all for their contributions

Meeting closed 1.10p

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